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ProStaff is a web-based human resources management system that offers a complete and integrated suite to effectively manage employees.

ProStaff is BIS’ web-based human resources management system (HRMS) that automates all HR processes to increase workforce efficiency, reduce operational costs, and support full compliance. The software offers a complete and integrated suite to effectively manage employees, enabling organizations to:

  • Offer greater business value by streamlining the entire employee life-cycle
  • Provide a single source of truth for employee data
  • Align employee goals with business objectives
  • Improve recruitment processes
  • Run an internal shared employee service center
  • Cultivate employee skills, and measure and reward performance
  • Promote operational efficiency by allowing the entire workforce to focus on key company objectives
  • Deliver robust business intelligence to allow for better planning and informed decision-making

Meeting Business Goals
ProStaff supports HR personnel by automating much of the employee related functions whether distributed or centralized. Further, the software provides an environment where you can build your enterprise on your best asset – your employees.

With ProStaff, organizations can align employee goals with business objectives, find and retain best talents, cultivate employee skills, and measure performance. ProStaff gives executives, HR professionals, and line managers reporting and analysis options that provide real-time insight into workforce.

These capabilities result in increased employee productivity, decreased cost and effort of complying with regulations. Most importantly, enterprises will be enabled to consistently achieve corporate objectives.

ProStaff stands out with its key capabilities:

  • Ease and speed of implementation and enhancements
  • Integration capabilities
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Rich functionality that meets specific needs of mega enterprises
  • Easy access to HR-related data from a single source of truth and well-informed decisions
Supporting Key Business Activities
Powered by BIS Framework to drive innovation and enable business change, ProStaff helps you handle all key business activities giving you real-time insight:

Workforce analytics – Equip your executives, HR professionals, and line managers with rich reporting and analysis options that provide real-time insight into your workforce. The solution supports:

  • Strategic alignment
  • Workforce planning
  • Workforce analysis
  • Workforce cost planning and simulation
Talent management – Find the best talents to differentiate yourself from the competition. The solution offers:
  • Recruitment processes
  • Succession management
  • Learning management
  • Employee performance management
  • Compensation management
Workforce process management – Automate and integrate all essential workforce processes. The solution provides:
  • Employee administration
  • Organizational planning
  • Time and attendance
  • Regulatory reporting
  • HR forms
HR service delivery – Give your workforce the tools to inform and serve themselves anywhere, anytime. The solution supports:
  • Employee self-services
  • Manager self-services
  • Employee self-services
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