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BIS’ EduStaff – Learning Management System, focuses on building an excelling learning management business flow with maximum automation, in order to minimize operational costs arise from training management operations. Alongside its fully automated process capability, EduStaff is ment to drive your business beyond with its perfectly designed self service and mobile applications which connects Training Department Personnel, Trainer and Trainees in one single platform.
Centeralized Management of Training Operations
With its superior technology, EduStaff can act as a single center for training operations. Integrated with e-learning applications, and without any further manuel operation, EduStaff can help organizations manage their e-learning operations as well as in-class training operations.

EduStaff acknowledges that, learning management is settled right in the middle of modern HR management workflow. Therefore, without limitation, it is integrated with organization’s HRMS and core business applications. EduStaff communicates with including but not limited to;

  • Personnel Management
  • Carreer Management
  • Performance Management applications
  • Organization’s accounting management system
  • Core business applications (core banking solution, ERP solution, etc)
A Perfect Information Flow Between Parties
EduStaff also offers perfectly designed Self Service and Mobile applications, which enables accurate and online/real time information transfer between Training Department Personnel, Trainer and Trainees.

By its design which highlights simplicity, even a new comer can easily manage his/her assigned trainings in detail, apply for new training, monitor and manage the content of the training schedule, etc.

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