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Putting it all together. Plan. Manage. Analyze. Evaluate. Being a technology service provider itself, BIS knows what it takes to be an effective professional services organizations.
A deep understanding of your challenges
BIS itself is a project-driven company. We know first-hand what it takes to maintain profitability by eliminating project and cost overruns and to maximize resource utilization. We are thus able to offer new perspectives on the complex issues driving the professional services industry today.

Sound decision making requires a constant stream of timely information from a single, reliable source that brings data together from across the enterprise. Enterprises also require the full integration of their business processes. In addition, they need open, fully scalable technology platforms that provide the flexibility to grow their business.

Fact-based decision making
Decision makers in your organization need to know that their information is up-to-date and based on truths yet reflects the many different and interrelated aspects of the business. The complete integration of the organization’s business through a robust and unified technology platform enables you to acquire relevant information which you can rely on to make well-informed decisions and tailor necessary strategies. Fact-based business management enables you to:
  • Know your each client and its impact on the bottom line better
  • Track your key figures in real-time
  • Empower your staff to reach their true potential
  • Manage your project deadlines efficiently
Enhancing visibility
Today’s services companies need to embrace a unique combination of project management and financial control. This kind of integration can empower managers to view and drill into revenue and profit by company, business unit, department, customer, project, and employee. With greater visibility, it becomes easier to optimise capacity, develop people and control projects. Above all, it becomes easier to identify new business opportunities.
Practice management
A true software product unites practice management, monitoring, and reporting tools on a single platform, encouraging strategic thinking, enabling employee collaboration, and facilitating execution of strategies that drive business performance. It must also enable companies to seamlessly adapt to the changing environment and growing practice.
Our view
At BIS, we are passionate about managing through processes and systems. We have adopted innovative strategies to optimize planning of resources and projects while at the same time to have a complete control over financial performance. Incorporating our years of experiences into your business, Infrastructure and Non-Financial Solutions Group can help you realize potential in your enterprise as well.
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