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Hakan Özyenen
General Manager

Hakan Özyenen, who joined BIS in 2009, has a work experience of 20 years in software and especially finance sectors. Having held senior management roles at various banks, he has an in-depth knowledge of business processes of financial institutions. With founders and the rest of the executive team, Hakan Özyenen oversees the company's technical and business strategy.

Since 1991, Hakan has taken on many roles as programmer, manager, coordinator and executive vice president mostly in IT departments of financial institutions. During this period, he participated in almost all genres of IT projects and gained extensive experiences in IT management.

Hakan Özyenen earned his bachelor’s degree in computer science engineering from Hacettepe University in 1987 and worked as researcher in the same discipline and earned his master’s degree in 1989.

Cengiz Uyar
Group Manager, Banking and Capital Markets Solutions

Has involved in the design, development and management phases of the core systems of financial insitutions.

Has knowledge and experience in Banking, Capital Markets and Human Capital Management systems.

Is actively managing the departments providing solutions for banks and capital markets. Some of the solutions are Customer and Account Management, Treasury Services, Fixed Income, Swift, EFT, EMKT, Cheques and Bills, Custody, Fixed Assets, Trade Finance, Bank Accounting, Current Accounts, Reguatory Reporting etc for banks. For capital markets: Investment Funds, Equity/Futures/Derivatives/Options Trading and Operations, Fix Messaging, EXAPI, VOBAPI, ICM, Capital Markets Accounting, Regulatory Reporting and Legal Books, Fixed Income and FX Backoffice etc.

Cengiz Uyar graduated from Istanbul University Computer Engineering.

Gizem Çağırankaya
Group Manager, Factoring Solutions

Gizem who joined BIS in 2009, has worked at a variety of roles in several financial institutions in the past, and lastly has worked as a consultant in one of the world’s leading consultant firms. At present Gizem is working as a Group Manager in the Factoring group, managing “InFact” the Factoring solution which is been chosen by the most reputable companies in the sector.

Gizem Çağırankaya graduated from Koç University, International Relations in 2003.

Serhat Önal
Group Manager, Human Resources and Enterprise Applications Solutions

Serhat who joined BIS in 2009, has worked at a variety of software companies in the past as a software developer, system analyst and project manager. Serhat who is one of the PMP certified managers, is responsible for the management of Human Resources Management Systems and Enterprise Applications.

Serhat Önal earned his Bachelor’s degree from İstanbul University, Computer Science Engineering in 2002, and his master’s degree from Kadir Has University, Management in 2005.

Murat Aydın
Group Manager, Core Systems and Technology Group

Starting from 1998, he held both software developer and manager positions in financial services solutions at EGS Sistem and Globis which emerged from within BIS. He is now Group Manager of the Core Systems and Technology Group.

Murat Aydın graduated from Osmangazi University, Computer Programming in 1997.

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